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Posted on 8 July, 2011 at 13:22 Comments comments ()
I checked the calorie counts of some of the popular Dunkin' Donuts summer drinks.  This is shocking!!!

What I found is that for many of these drinks, it is like drinking a large piece of cake (or 2, in some cases!)  In fact, I believe that you are better off with cake because you will at least feel like you ate your splurge!

Here goes:

Large Caramel Mocha Iced Coffee with cream 350 calories

Large Iced Dunkin Donuts Roast Coffee with cream and sugar  190 calories
Small with cream 130 calories

Large Coffee Coolatta with Cream 800 calories
Medium, with cream 600 calories
Small, with cream 400 calories

Large Blue Raspberry Coolatta 480 calories
Medium 360 calories
Small 240 calories

Here is the ZINGER:  a Large MOCHA COOLATTA WITH CREAM= 990 calories!!!!
Medium- 740 calories
Small- 490 calories

A Large Mocha Coolatta with milk still packs 670 calories
Medium with milk 500 calories
Small with milk 330 calories

Large Mocha Coolatta with Skim milk still has 610 calories!!!!!

YIKES!  Just stick to iced coffee, skim milk, add 1 teaspoon sugar!!!!  Add 15 calories for each teaspoon of sugar- you do the math!!!!   If you want to look up any Dunkin Donuts drinks that I haven't listed, it is all available under the nutrition information on their website