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HELP! My kid won't eat vegetables!

Posted on 13 October, 2011 at 9:24 Comments comments ()
Does this sound like you?  If so, have no fear.  First of all, is your child eating fruit?  If yes,  your child is getting many vitamins from the fruit.  The best thing you can do is stand back and offer up the vegetables (try 2 different kinds at each meal- kids like to feel like they have choices) and don't push.  The second your child picks up on the fact that you may have an agenda (i.,e., child MUST ingest vegetables) they usually will not follow it.  This can create a very frustrating cycle for you and your child.  

So, here is what I am recommending:  offer up at least 2 veggies at the meal.  Better yet, bring the whole bowl out with the serving spoon so that they can serve themselves if they want it.  You take your servings and eat them.  Offer them to your child, but don't push.  If your child sees you enjoying them, and they feel that they have a choice you might be surprised to see them choose the veggies themselves.  If they don't have any, just ask that they kindly say, "no thank you".  Try again tomorrow!   And keep encouraging the fruit as well.  You may want to put some dips for the veggies on the table (lowfat ranch dressing, olive oil based Italian dressing, hummus, cottage cheese, plain yogurt) as this might make the veggies more appealing.

Another idea- in the late spring/early summer, start a vegetable garden or visit a vegetable garden.  This can help kids to get excited about vegetables when they track how they grow.  They also gain a better understanding of where vegetables come from.  

Good luck!