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Whole Grains? or Whole Wheat? or Fiber?

Posted on 3 March, 2012 at 11:05 Comments comments (197)

So I saw a commercial this morning for a cereal.  The commercial was bragging about "Contains 45 grams Whole Grains"- whew hew!  I am actually here to tell you that this is a bit helpful, but not the only thing to look for.  

Let's all be label sleuths.  What you REALLY want to look for is fiber grams on the label, and that the first ingredient says "Whole __(insert a grain here)______"(whole wheat, whole grain corn, stoneground whole wheat, etc).

Good luck!  Let's not fall for the fancy marketing here from these companies!

Tip: Eat more Whole Grains and You Might Not Eat the Whole Thing

Posted on 8 November, 2011 at 11:26 Comments comments (53)

Tip for Today:

When you eat whole grains (oatmeal, quinoa, whole grain pasta, brown rice, whole wheat bread, whole grain cereal, air popped popcorn) you are less likely to overeat.  Why?  They fill you up quicker than refined grains (white bread, regular pasta, non-whole grain cereal, white rice).  Eat the whole grains with some protein, veggies, fruit and lowfat dairy at your meal.  Also, combining the whole grains with some protein and a small amount of fat can keep your blood sugars more under control, thereby avoiding those spikes and drops.