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Kids and candies, cookies, and holiday treats galore!

Posted on 21 December, 2011 at 12:31 Comments comments ()

This time of year your children may be bringing home lots of treats from different teachers, friends, classrooms.  How to deal with it all?  

Tip 1:  Be firm and let them know they can choose 1 per day

Tip 2:  If you get resistance let them know that it is not healthy to eat too much sugar.  

If you stick to your ground, they will eventually understand.   

On certain holidays, like Halloween, Christmas Hanukah, Easter it is ok for children to splurge a bit more.  But for now, teach them how to pick 1 special treat, let them know that they can have the other one they want tomorrow.  

Trust me, sticking to these rules will be worth it for you and for them.  They will also learn how to portion out treats.  All foods can fit into a healthy diet- we just need to limit certain things.