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Fruit and Veggie Washes- Do They Work?

Posted on 22 January, 2012 at 16:22 Comments comments (0)

Many people ask me if they should purchase fruit and vegetable washes, and how to best wash fruits and vegetables.  

Here is the answer:
The best thing you can do is rinse very well in water.  Some tests have shown that the fruit and veggie washes sometimes cause the pesticide residues to stick to the produce.  In addition, never use any type of soap to wash produce  because you then introduce new toxins from soap onto the produce. 

What to do if there is no organic version of your favorite fruit or veggie?  Or maybe the organic version is way too costly.  My advice is that you are better off having the vitamins from the fruit or vegetable than not buying it because it is not organic.  

So buy your produce, rinse, rinse, rinse real well regardless of whether it is organic or not.  And lastly, enjoy it!!!