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What to pack on a long car trip?

Posted on 3 August, 2017 at 13:43 Comments comments ()

Going on a long car trip?  Not sure how/what foods to pack?

First of all, have a cooler large enough to fit one meal and snacks for your family.  Most importantly make sure to have a cooler ice pack as well.  

For lunches:  pack sandwiches to go- pb and j, deli sandwiches (turkey, cheese, lettuce, tomato); all on whole wheat bread.  Pack some fruit such as washed grapes and clementines (just have a trash bag ready also!).  

Other items I recommend packing so you don't fall prey to the convenience store items which are: a)pricey b) not always the healthiest are: 

Granola bars,  such as kind bars, Larabars, Cliff bars, Nature Valley protein bars, and trail mix.  Also, air popped popcorn is a good idea (Skinny 
Pop tastes great and is easy to pack), and pretzels.    Why not get some go-gurts for the car (no spoon required), or small drinkable yogurts.  Part skim mozzarella and cheddar cheese sticks are easy to throw in the cooler as well.  

Of course, everyone should have a non-disposable water bottle with fresh water.  

These snacks will keep you satisfied and well nourished for your trip!