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Have a cold? Here are some ideas that can help

Posted on 15 January, 2019 at 11:15 Comments comments (0)
What to eat when you have a cold for vegetarian/non vegetarians:

As I am fighting a cold myself and I am sure many of you are since stuff is going around, I figured I’d offer some ideas:
·      Hot lemon tea with honey- honey is shown to have some antibacterial properties and can help with your cough, the warmth can hydrate you and soothe your throat
·      Chicken soup- can get sinuses flowing- If vegetarian any vegetable broth based soup can work as well
·      Spicy foods- cayenne pepper and the like can get your sinuses moving as well, therefore helping the duration of the cold (also may help dulled taste buds due to illness)
·      Oatmeal or hot cereal- can also be very soothing, get your sinuses going
·      Water, and more water!  Seltzer is fine also.  The important point here is to hydrate
·      Vitamin C- oranges, clementines, orange juice, strawberries- these all have it! -Helps with healing/shortening cold duration
·      Zinc- you can add zinc supplements as symptoms start for about 5 days.  Any longer and you run the risk of breaking down your immune system
·      Salads if you can tolerate- all the extra vitamins can help you!
·      Fruit- for same reason as salads.
·      Try the Outshine frozen fruit bars for some extra fruit/hydration to help soothe your throat. 
Hope some of these tactics work and that you feel better soon!