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Fun and healthy grilling ideas for July 4!

Posted on 29 June, 2020 at 16:40 Comments comments (408)
Healthy grilling ideas for July 4:
With July 4 upon us, here are some ideas for foods you can grill that taste great while keeping it healthy! 
  • Burgers: choose burgers that are grass fed and are at least 90% lean,
  • Alternative Burgers:   turkey burgers, salmon patties, and in addition there are a whole realm of veggie burgers now- Impossible brand, Beyond Meat, Morningstar farms, Boca, etc.
  • Chicken: You can marinate chicken breasts for at least one hour before grilling in olive oil, vinegar, Italian seasoning, salt and pepper. 
  • Seafood:  You can also grill up most types of seafood- shrimp, salmon, tuna steak, etc.  Just spray with cooking spray and add a little Old Bay or Cajun seasoning for some flavoring.  (Shrimp would need to be in foil or a grill basket). 
  • Grains:  For grains, first of all, don’t forget the bun!!!!  You could also serve up some vinegar based potato salad (German potato salad)  and/or fresh corn, boiled. More options are quinoa, couscous or brown rice. 
  • Vegetables:  A grill tool that might be useful is a vegetable grill basket- you can throw a bunch of vegetables in there and throw on the grill with no worries about anything falling into the grill.  Or, you could just pick up or make a vinegar based coleslaw. 
  • Veggie kabobs are another fun way to grill vegetables- you can put cherry tomatoes, squash and any color pepper chunks on a kebab stick- spray with some cooking spray ahead of time and cook until slightly blackened.  (kids could even help put them on a kabob stick).  Another option is to wrap vegetables in heavy duty foil (after using cooking spray) and place on grill.In addition, serve with some fresh salad greens – and you have yourself a meal    Enjoy!!!!