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Week 7 of 12 Steps to Healthier Lifestyle! Mindful Eating!

Posted on 25 February, 2014 at 17:18

Hi everyone!  Week  7 here!  If you have been following this program every week, great!  If not, you can start now!  

 This week I am going to talk about something called Mindfulness and Mindful Eating.    What does this mean?  It means being present in what you are doing.  If you are eating and watching tv or doing work and eating you are not practicing mindfulness.  In fact, you might even eat more because you are not paying attention to the fact that you are eating!  

 “How do I eat mindfully”, you ask?  Here is my advice.  In order to eat mindfully,  you must first always ask yourself before eating, “Am I hungry right now?”  Pay attention to how  your body feels.  Are you emotionally hungry, or hungry for a meal?    If you are truly hungry, sit down and eat your meal.  Portion your meal out on a plate.  Enjoy every bite of what you are eating.  Try and eat slowly.   Stop halfway through your meal and check in with yourself, "do I feel satisfied now"?  Stop eating before you are stuffed.  It will still take your stomach about 20 minutes to feel full.    Notice how you feel after your meal. 

I advise you to check in with yourself every time before you eat.  Ask yourself if you are truly experiencing regular hunger or emotional hunger.  If you just ate a big meal and go into the pantry to snack shortly after the meal you are probably emotionally hungry. 

Tip:   Start journaling and recording your feelings.  Remember to eat slow, portion out your foods, notice what you are eating, and stop before you are stuffed. You can use the hunger scale to determine your level of fullness.  1 is extreme hunger, 7 is eating to satisfaction, 10 is overstuffed (can’t keep pants buttoned- you don’t want to go there!)  Try and stop at a 7. Journal any thoughts and feelings that come up related to food.   

And most importantly, ENJOY your food!

Categories: healthy lifestyle, Mindful Eating