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Step 3 to Healthier Lifestyle!

Posted on 28 January, 2014 at 18:28

Hi everyone!  We are in week 3 of my 12 steps to a healthier lifestyle.  

First, I recommended 1 non meat meal per week.  Second, I made some recommendations for adding whole grains into your diet.    

This week I would like to mention adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.  How to do this?  Read below to find out!!!  

Try and get in as many different colors of fruits and vegetables per day in order to get the most antioxidants and vitamins.  As an added bonus they also contain fiber, which will keep you full longer! 

For breakfast, try adding ½ cup of berries to your cereal,  cut up a medium sized banana, or have an orange.  

Throw an apple or grapes into your lunch.  Put some shredded carrots , cucumber slices, tomatoes and lettuce in your sandwiches and wraps at lunch.   

For dinner, always have a salad with your meal.   There are many prepared salads available to save you time.  No time to chop?  Buy frozen veggies- sometimes the frozen ones are better than the fresh since they are frozen right after being picked.   Make a stir fry with many different fresh or frozen veggies along with chicken or a non meat source such as tofu, beans or seitan.  

Since fruits and vegetables contain fiber, I recommend gradually adding more and more into your diet.  Maybe this week add a couple and add a couple more next week.   With all these small changes you are on your way to a healthier  lifestyle!!!


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